Tips For Planning Your Move Date

Posted on: 18 July 2022

Planning a move can be challenging, especially when working with a tight timeline. The success of your move will depend on choosing the appropriate moving date, among other things. Here are tips that will help you pick a convenient move date

Check Your Lease Agreement

One of the things that will affect your move date is your lease agreement. If you're a renter, the date your lease expires will determine when you should move out. Make sure you carefully review the lease agreement and give your landlord sufficient notice of your departure. Many landlords require a 30-day notice of departure. Ensure your new residence is ready by the time you move out of your current home.

Consider the New Homeowners' Move-In Date

If you have sold your current house, you should move out before the new owners come. Similarly, if you have bought a new home, you need to coordinate with the current owners to determine when you will move in.

You might have to find temporary housing if you sold your home before finding a new place to stay. It is crucial that you plan ahead to avoid the cost of hotel rooms or any other short-term housing arrangement.

Think About Your Children's School Schedule

Moving will disrupt your children's schedule. This is the reason most families choose to relocate during summer. One downside to relocating in summer is that many local movers are booked. Holiday weekends are equally booked, though it is an ideal time to move.

Since there is no perfect time to move with kids, you should choose a date based on factors like price and convenience. For example, you can choose a day when you or your kids come home early and during off-peak hours.

Consider Your New Job

One of the reasons many people relocate is because of new job opportunities. When signing your new contract, try to bear in mind your move date. If you are lucky, your new boss may be flexible on when you can report to work. Remember, if you have to be at the job on a particular date, this will take precedence over a home sale date or rental agreement.

In Closing

After choosing the date you'll be moving, start your moving plan a few weeks before that date. While you can create your plan in a few days, it will be highly stressful. Last-minute moves cost you more in terms of penalties on leases, moving company rates, and the need to take time off your job to pack. Additionally, make sure you search for and book a local mover early.

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