Company Moving: 4 Ways to Save Money & Get Back to Business Quickly

Posted on: 22 February 2016

Moving your company's location may be essential in the long run, but the transition can be stressful. Instead of wasting time and valuable office hours, there are multiple ways you can help reduce costs, expedite the process, and keep your business running smoothly. By working with commercial moving companies and using the following four tips, you can save money, reduce lost business time, and be ready in your new location as soon as possible.

1. Make a Moving Schedule

One of the first decisions you need to make for your moving company is the schedule of the move. Instead of starting at the beginning of a work week, it's a good idea to schedule your moving towards the end of the work week. This way, moving companies that operate on the weekend can complete your move on Saturday and Sunday when typical business hours are not in session. If your business is open on the weekends, then choose the days that your business is actually closed or has the slowest amount of business. This also leaves your schedule more open to assist with the move and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

2. Assign an Employee Moving Assistant

Before the commercial movers actually arrive, you can speed up the process by assigning one of your employees as the official moving assistant. The role of this person will consist of organizing the move, packing up things early, and preparing items that need to get packed up. Along with those objectives, you can task the person to label and select items that will not be a part of the move. This includes old technology, broken furniture, or items that just need to be thrown away.

By assigning one of your own employees for this task, you can save money and cut down on the amount of time that commercial movers will need to sort through items. With everything labeled and organized, the process can move quickly.

3. Pay Attention to Tax Deductions

Another way to help save money on your commercial move is by considering any tax deductions that are available. The costs of moving services, supplies, and even employee hours dedicated to moving could become a part of your tax deductions. While going through the moving process, it's important to keep records of any expenses that are made during the process. For example, if you take time to go purchase boxes and supplies, the gas money and costs for these supplies may be deducted. Other things like digital moving app purchases may also count towards the deduction if the app was used exclusively for your commercial moving purposes. These expenses should be tracked through both a digital and real folder with the receipts. This will ensure that nothing gets lost during the move. When tax time comes around, you can make the proper deductions and save a lot of money on your business taxes.

4. Consider Storage Options & Basic Setup

Instead of going straight from location to location, you can use a moving company's storage facilities to help hold some of your items. Instead of having everything dropped off, you can keep it simple and only have the necessities delivered to your new business. For example, to help keep your business going, you may just want to have a few desks and computer systems delivered and set up before the rest of the move takes place. This will allow you to get settled, connected to the Internet, and ready to operate basic business functions.

As the weeks go by, more areas of the business can get set up. You can bring in break room furniture, decorative items, and supplies for additional work stations. By getting the basics set up first, you can continue to make money and run your business as needed. The storage solution will keep your items protected without having to secure two business locations at the same time.

Contact commercial moving companies like Father & Son Moving & Storage for business hours and moving strategies to plan out a quick move for your company.